Canterbury Card Casino

Canterbury Park has expanded its hours of operation back to 24/7 and will bring poker back to its card casino, according to a press release. The card casino, which was already offering table games such as black jack since June 15, will initially offer Texas Hold ‘Em.

“It is time to start dealing poker again, and with the experience we have gained running table games, we are extremely well prepared,” Vice President of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman said in a statement.

Canterbury suspended all operations in mid-March due to COVID-19. On June 15, the card casino opened to table games with added safety precautions, including the reduction of the number of players per table and acrylic shields.

Face masks are required of all employees and players. Poker will operate with the same measures in place, with a maximum of six players per table. Poker chips will be sanitized on a daily basis and decks of cards rotated out of play regularly, the release stated.

“Disinfecting is a constant process that we take very seriously. The acrylic barriers we’ve designed offer another layer of protection for both our team members and our guests,” Hochman said. “We’ll have a bottle of hand sanitizer on top of every dealer button on every single table.”

While not yet scheduled, Hochman is planning a return of poker tournament play in August. All operations are subject to Minnesota Racing Commission approval.


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