U.S. Rep. Angie Craig announced she is launching a district-wide Healthcare Listening Tour to talk with community members, health experts, and providers about how to lower the cost of health care and increase the accessibility of quality health care to all Americans.

She will kick off her listening tour in Eagan on Monday, Feb. 18.

“In every community I travel to and every family I meet with, people are saying the same thing: they need Congress to address the growing cost and limited accessibility of health care,” Craig said in a press release. “I will spend the next several weeks sitting down with community members and health care professionals across the district to hear their firsthand experiences and listen to their ideas to ensure the voices of Minnesotans are heard in all discussions aimed at lowering the cost and increasing the accessibility of health care.”

Craig is a co-chair of the New Democrats Health Care Task Force, where she will lead the development of proposals with her colleagues to find immediate solutions that address the rising cost of health care, including the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs.

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