Watering rules

Amid the record-breaking heat so far in June, Shakopee Public Utilities is requesting customers adhere to watering restrictions. 

The utility is nearing 13 million gallons of water pumped per day during the heat wave, according to a news release from the organization. The system's capacity is 20 million gallons per day so there is currently no threat to SPU's water customers, the release said. However, keeping water tower volumes above critical levels is important for fire protection. 

In an effort to be proactive to prevent pressure issues SPU is asking customers to adhere to the following restrictions: 

  • Odd/even watering restrictions are in place May 1 through Sept. 30. Odd addresses water on odd calendar days; even addresses water on even calendar days.
  • The only exception to daily watering is newly laid sod or newly planted grass seed, and first season landscaping plants and shrubs.
  • No watering between noon and 5 p.m. any day, any address.
  • Per SPU’s water policy, after two warnings, a charge of $50 per instance will be assessed for each subsequent violation.

The complete water policy can be found at shakopeeutilities.com