A 25-acre property off Marschall Road that has irritated Shakopee city officials for more than a decade is for sale for $2.75 million. The property owner, 71-year-old Gerald Schmitz, has received more than 30 tickets from the city for ordinance violations since 2008 to clean up the exterior storage, trash disposal and junked cars.

Shakopee City Planner Mark Noble said the property is currently zoned as agricultural land, which only allows one lot for 40 acres of land. But the city’s 2040 plan shows the property as land for suburban and residential use, which could allow for one unit per acre.

“There could be a really nice development out there,” Noble said.

But the city does not have anything in its comprehensive plan related to expanding city water and sanitary to the property.

“That won’t happen for quite a while,” Noble said. The property currently operates on its own well and septic services.

City officials estimate there are 150 junked cars, boats and snowmobiles in Schmitz’s yard. Jim Gilbertson, Schmitz’s real estate agent, said he and Schmitz would negotiate the removal of the items on the property with interested buyers.

Noble told the Valley News it’s uncertain if contamination has occurred on the property. That would require groundwater testing, for which Schmitz and other neighbors would have to give their permission. But Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate told the Valley News in May the amount of junk on the property is concerning at best.

“Even the most passive environmentalist would look at this and be upset,” Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate told the Valley News in May.

Schmitz declined to comment for this story, and his attorney Richard Lea did not respond to a request for comment.


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