Rosangela Lara

Rosangela Lara was named the November 2019 student of the month.

Editor’s note: The following column was written and submitted by the Shakopee Lions Club.

The November 2019 Shakopee Lions Club Student of the Month is Rosangela Lara. She is currently a seventh-grader at Shakopee East Middle School and is the daughter of Rossana Espinoza and Henry Lara of Shakopee.

She is grateful for having the opportunity to be recognized. She is from Venezuela and moved to the United State with her family in search of happiness and accomplishing all of her goals by working hard. Because of her initial lack of knowledge of the English language, she had some difficulties in classes and when communicating with her classmates. But, she wasn’t going to give up. She wanted to do her best in school, so she devoted much of her time to studying English and becoming involved with her school and community.

Eventually, she joined the mock trial team at school, along with the yearbook team to create new ideas and organizing everything for the yearbook. She has been nominated twice as student of the month at her school. She loves helping others when needed and always contributes something to the community. She loves being around animals; hoping to be a veterinarian someday in being able to help these incredible beings. She hopes that someday she will be able to give back to the amazing community of Shakopee everything they have given her.

She is student No. 184 to be recognized by the club for their attributes in leadership, volunteerism, academics, extra-curriculars, and citizenship. Students are selected by school staff on a school-year rotational basis at Shakopee Area Catholic School, Shakopee West Middle School and Shakopee East Middle School. This student recognition program began in February 1998.

Congratulations, Rosangela.


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