One of the few foods everyone in my house likes, if not craves, is doughnuts. We each have our own preference for where to buy them and our favorite types, but we agree they’re part of an ideal breakfast. We’ve been known to spend a morning in pursuit of the perfect doughnut. Sometimes it takes us to a farmer’s market. Other times to Dinkytown. A couple weeks ago, we went to three places in Shakopee before making our decision. It’s a worthwhile quest.

I typically start my day with a doughnut or turnover and an energy drink. I realize it’s not the healthiest diet, but I operate on the premise that everyone deserves one bad habit. Plus it energizes me and helps kickstart my day on a positive note. When I give up doughnuts for lent, it affects my entire day.

I used to work in downtown Minneapolis and had my favorite doughnut places in the skyway. Every Tuesday morning, the writers, graphic designers, and editors in our department would meet for “Tasty Tuesday.” We’d take turns buying doughnuts, then spend 30 minutes sitting together talking about movies, vacations, news, and anything else except business. Bonding with coworkers over doughnuts defused potential problems and diminished personality clashes.

I keep in touch with many of my former coworkers, most of whom have also moved on to other jobs. The last time we got together for lunch, the one thing everyone said they missed was Tasty Tuesday. We all found value in socializing and sharing doughnuts.

A survey in 2017 found that 96% of Americans like or love doughnuts, with glazed being the top choice. The survey also found that 56% of us have brought doughnuts to coworkers. The real surprise is that 2% of those surveyed did not like people who brought doughnuts into the office. It goes to show there are people who will find a reason to not like almost anything.

The latest stats I could find say that the average American eats 31 doughnuts a year, which adds up to an incredible 10 billion doughnuts a year across our country. According to global bakery manufacturer and ingredients supplier Dawn Food Products, 82% of millennial and Gen Z doughnut eaters are interested in trying new and unique doughnut flavors. That’s not surprising. My kids are always willing to give a new doughnut a try, while I prefer to stick with the ones I already know I like.

Doughnuts with bacon on top are popular, but this may be the one and only food that I’d rather have bacon-free. I guess I’m a doughnut purist. But what us doughnut lovers can most likely agree on is that it’s nice to have so many options to buy great-tasting doughnuts in Shakopee.

Brett Martin is a community columnist who’s been a Shakopee resident for over 15 years.


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