It is without question that our individual liberties have been slowly eroding away for generations. We as a nation and as a people have gradually accepted, tolerated and some of us even embraced the same type of tyranny our ancestors fought against during the Revolutionary War.

Our founders were wise and deliberate while crafting our constitutional framework. They knew power divided was power checked. They purposefully gave the federal government very little power and thereby empowered each state to manage its own affairs.

This concept of federalism gives our state government great autonomy and I fully support the idea of states’ rights that are embedded within our 10th Amendment. However, our state government has strayed from the American ideals that made us the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

Rep. Brad Tabke has joined the Minnesota political class that chooses to empower themselves and their politically connected allies instead of empowering us as individuals. Tabke and elitists nationwide seek to group us by income, appearance or sexual orientation only so that they may divide us and pit us against one another. This is a tactic of the political class. It helps them ensure we are too busy infighting to notice the real enemy is the political class.

During the 2019 legislative session we’ve witnessed Tabke gleefully join what he called “a well-oiled machine.” This is the “well-oiled machine” that’s running people over and cramming through a tyrannical agenda vastly more oppressive than King George could have ever dreamed of. To include:

  • $12 billion dollar tax increase through a myriad of new taxes. Analyses have shown, and the Star Tribune has reported, these taxes hit the poorest Minnesotans hardest (HF 2125, HF 1555, HF 2414).
  • Rewarding people here illegally by giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants (HF 1500).
  • Funding Planned Parenthood so they may abort thousands of innocent babies each year in Minnesota (HF 2414).
  • Enacting gun control laws that infringe upon your second amendment rights (HF 8 & HF 9).
  • Supporting the installation of government GPS trackers into our cars to track our vehicles so the government can send us a tax bill based on the personal data collected (HF 1146).
  • Advocating exposing our children to the concept of pornography at the age of 10 in public schools (HF 2400).
  • Doing away with the Electoral College in Minnesota, opting for a national popular vote (HF 1603).

Tabke and the political elites have been eroding away our rights in exchange for empty promises of safety, fairness and free stuff. The political class believe people cannot be trusted with freedom. But if we the people cannot be trusted with freedom how can Tabke be trusted with power? As Lord Action said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

What remains great about America is our system places the power in the hands of the people. We can recognize the fact that the political class have betrayed us and our founding principles of self-reliance, personal responsibility, individual liberty and fiscal conservatism. It’s not too late to change course but we must start acting. It’s time to start taking our country back. It’s time to start rejecting the socialist agenda being pushed by Tabke and radicals nationwide.

Ask yourself, “What side of history do you want to be on?” The side of freedom or the side of tyranny?

Erik Mortensen is a Shakopee small business owner who ran against Tabke to represent Minnesota House District 55A last year.

South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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