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I have seen some government officials fighting President Trump on border security and I didn’t understand why right away. Now the blurry southern border is starting to make sense to me. I know Congress voted on border security for the last three presidents. They are all on video also saying there is a crisis on our southern border and voted to get a border fence put up. That fence was never finished like it was purposed and the builders cut corners or never completed (where did the tax dollars go?).

When the Democratic government officials switched their views on the illegal immigrants, I commented right away it’s got to be for voting reasons. There were already small articles about voter fraud with dead people and illegal immigrants voting. Today I saw an article about a vote to be held to allow for illegal immigrants’ right to vote in our elections. That is on top of the past articles about allowing driver licenses for illegals. I thought driving, along with voting was a privilege.

I have questions for everyone that votes. Do you believe someone that has not put the work in to be a part of something should get any benefits from it? Do we have a true border or not? Do we have a country or not? The definition of a country is: a nation with its own government occupying a particular territory.

We have a government so then what is our territory? I studied history in school and was taught the borders of the United States. I have crossed the northern border to go fishing and had to then obey by their laws when I was visiting. I have traveled to the Philippines and also had to follow their laws while in their country, along with all the countries I traveled through.

We have our borders and when visiting our beautiful nation they need to obey our laws and if you decide you want to stay, go through the process to be a productive part of society and gain your voting privilege.

Giving illegal immigrants voting rights when they broke the law just to be here in our country is irrational. I have invested my life working, paying taxes to be where I am today. Trying to pick the right government candidate that will defend me on my pursuit of happiness. I have now realized it really doesn’t matter what party you vote for, most of them are out to benefit themselves.

We are also talking about giving illegal immigrants the privilege to drive. Some people think it will reduce the hit and runs from illegal immigrants because they don’t have a driver’s license let alone insurance on their automobile.

We should stop right here and think about it for a minute. They already came into this country illegally and didn’t care, so now I am supposed to believe when we give them more privileges they will start caring about laws? I understand some of our American citizens have the same respect for the law as those that come here illegally.

I have seen a few different studies on illegal immigrants taking advantage of our welfare system and getting tax returns (anybody even wonder how they can file taxes?). I see our country is over $22 trillion in debt, I really don’t think any of these politicians can balance a household budget and here they are in charge of our country’s pocketbook.

If we keep giving away the benefits and privileges of being an American to all the people that come into this country illegally, being an American is not going to mean anything to the citizens of this country that contribute to society to make this country great.

South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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