Hannah Wiebold guest column

Hannah Wiebold

I’m a senior at Shakopee High School and currently studying in the Academy of Engineering and Manufacturing.

During my time at Shakopee High School, I have taken multiple classes that provided me the opportunity to participate in the Saber Showcase. During my junior year, in my physics class, I presented my final project calculating the average velocity of a golfer’s swing.

In addition, my engineering class also showcased our final project at the Saber Showcase. We were given a plot of land in Shakopee and asked to design something to put on the property. We had to do surveys, sketches, and models throughout the year. We presented our final design to businessmen and women and also at the Saber Showcase.

Many students who are showing their projects at the 2019 event, just as in previous years, have dedicated a lot of hours and hard work into the final design. As students, it’s nice to have an outlet to share our work with fellow students, their parents and the community.

The Saber Showcase is a time of pride for us to explain our work and each step we took to get to the final design. The Saber Showcase is the high school’s way of inviting community members into the school to see everything we’ve accomplished. As a student who has been in the showcase many times, it is extremely rewarding when community members are interested and curious about what we’ve been doing for the semester.

This is also a great time to tour our building and see the new additions that have been made to our high school. And, for the first time this year, the Saber Showcase will include a career expo. On the same night, we will also celebrate our academies and all of the hard work of our teachers, administrators and community members who’ve made it possible!

Please, do me a favor: Come see student projects, the Academies of Shakopee and meet many of our local industry experts and businesses that provide us with real world experiences. The event will be held Wednesday, Jan. 9 from 4-6 p.m. Join us and see firsthand all of our hard work, dedication and commitment.

Hannah Wiebold is a senior at Shakopee High School. She lives in Shakopee with her parents and younger sister. After graduation, she plans to study civil engineering in college.


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