Luke Stavedahl guest column

Luke Stavedahl

I was first introduced to the Saber Showcase in ninth grade, after I spent nearly a month preparing my presentation on the reverse engineering of a staple gun.

When the day of the Saber Showcase arrived, I was amazed to see how full the high school was. I took my place in the back of the cafeteria, where other students also presented on their own reverse engineering projects.

I quickly learned that there was much more than engineering students at the showcase. The projects ranged from experiments in the STEM field to papers on economics to capstone projects from fine arts students.

Since my ninth grade year, I have participated in the showcase three more times: a group presentation for chemistry, an experiment I conducted in my medical interventions class and a community project with the National Honors Society group.

With every project, people who don’t even know me have expressed interest and asked questions about what I did. The Saber Showcase is an excellent opportunity to support students’ accomplishments in all different grades and classes!

I am incredibly grateful to live in a community that gives students the opportunity to learn about anything that interests them and then give students a platform to display their accomplishments to the community. I will be returning to the showcase once again this January. Be sure to stop by, say hello, and sample the amazing cake my baking and pastry group is preparing!

Luke Stavedahl lives in Shakopee with his parents and two siblings. He plans to attend a four year university after graduation.


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