Ten years ago, "16 and Pregnant" aired on MTV. For five seasons, viewers followed young women as their experiences of being pregnant and a teenager were sensationalized. MTV provided the snappy editing expected of a reality show, but the situations the girls faced were real and are present i…

After over two years of indictments and convictions of lawyers, campaign managers, foreign nationals etc., the Mueller investigation led by Former FBI Director and Special Council under the U.S. Department of Justice did not find any real substantial evidence to convict President Trump of co…

First off, I am a hunter and own four hunting guns but it has always seemed to me as I read the Second Amendment that the right to bear arms for hunting or self defense has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. That right is an entirely separate issue and requires separate legislation.

We all know that Brad Tabke has a history of doing what he thinks is right and not listening to his constituents at all. We have seen this behavior when he was the mayor of Shakopee and continue to see this while he is the state representative of Minnesota House District 55A.

On March 14, the Jordan Police Department ordered an evacuation of Valley Green Mobile Home Park in Jordan due to flooding on Sand Creek. The order led to the evacuation and sheltering of several Jordan citizens and a large public safety response that included multiple organizations and volunteers.


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