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We all know that Brad Tabke has a history of doing what he thinks is right and not listening to his constituents at all. We have seen this behavior when he was the mayor of Shakopee and continue to see this while he is the state representative of Minnesota House District 55A.

This time is no different when it comes to the radical gun control called Red Flags Gun Seizure and universal background checks. Not only are these bills terrible, the House Democrats are trying to sneak them in on a budget omnibus bill that needs to pass.

Red Flags Gun Seizure Law is a complete violation of our Second Amendment rights, not to mention our Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights as well. Here’s how it works. An ex-spouse, friend, or anyone else can call the police or a judge and tell them that you are a danger to yourself and others and you have firearms.

The hearing would be ex-parte, and you the gun owner have no idea it is happening and at this point the judge can order an extreme risk protective order if you are deemed a threat. At this time, you would be required to relinquish your firearms to the authorities to be stored at the police department or a federally licensed firearm dealer until you clear your name. You would have no idea this is happening until the SWAT team breaks down your door to recover your firearms. You are not charged with a crime, you are not arrested, just stripped of your firearms. What about due process?

Universal background checks are not much better. If passed this law would require all firearms to be transferred eliminating the private sale of firearms. That doesn’t sound so bad, but wait… if you wanted to take a friend or relative hunting and they didn’t have a firearm to use, you would borrow one of your firearms to this individual right? That can no longer happen. You would first have to transfer the firearm into that person’s name before going hunting and then when you are done the friend or relative would have to transfer the firearm back into your name. If you fail to comply with this universal background check you would be an instant felon.

Both of these bills will not prevent a shooting, only penalize law abiding firearms owners. Since when have criminals cared about laws? They don’t! Unfortunately, Tabke doesn’t see it this way, but I don’t think he is a patriot and he clearly doesn’t believe in the rights that our forefathers paid for us. Tabke has no problem sneaking this into an omnibus budget bill, that is shady behavior.

Dave Gavic


South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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