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Hundreds of thousands of Americans participated in the 2017 presidential inauguration festivities. Not all of them were cheering on the new president. Black clad antifascist protesters smashed storefronts and caused other damage. Some police officers were injured and over 200 protesters were arrested.

Fast forward to 2021. People were forbidden to attend. Washington, D.C. was off-limits to ordinary Americans. To keep unwanted Americans away, roadblocks and bridge closures were instituted. Concrete barriers, armored vehicles, and large trucks blocked streets throughout the city. Miles of tall, unscalable fences topped with razor wire surrounded many of our nation’s landmarks. Thousands of troops in riot gear lined the sidewalks. Almost in hours, our capital was transformed into an eerie, militarized war zone like those under an oppressive communist regime. Was all that necessary?

Some news reports indicate that “there were a few scattered arrests but no major protests or serious disruptions in the city during Biden’s inauguration ceremony.” So why such display of power and force over the American people?

Now, step back in time to the violent, destructive protests during most of 2020. For many months numerous cities in our nation were under attack. Small businesses were destroyed, stores were looted, buildings burned, landmarks torn down, police officers assaulted, and many innocent people killed. No democrat nor media condemned the violence. Kamala Harris gleefully told us: “They’re not gonna stop before Election Day and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. And everyone should take note of that. They’re not gonna let up and they should not.” During the presidential debate Joe Biden enlightened all of us explaining that “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.”

So, here are few things to ponder. Our betters have clearly shown us that to protect themselves they will go to any lengths and expenses. They were able to fortify D.C. in a matter of hours, and mobilized thousands of National Guardsmen when they felt that dangerous violence was too close for comfort. But when American citizens were terrorized for months by violent Antifa and some members of BLM, they did absolutely nothing to stop it. They only made excuses which further incited these terrorists.

Why are structures in D.C. worthy of protection but a police precinct in Minneapolis or a federal courthouse in Portland, or private businesses all over our nation are not? Our tax dollars were used to fortify D.C. against a non-existent threat. But when Americans all over the country actually faced real terror, our leaders refused to implement any safety measures. Is the property and lives of the D.C. elites more valuable than the lives and property of ordinary Americans?

It appears that our "public servants" are no servants at all. They care only about themselves and will spare nothing to ensure their own safety. Apparently, American citizens simply are pawns to be used and expanded in ways that suit the ruling elites. What happened to America’s government of the people, for the people, and by the people? Apparently, it no longer exists.

Mary Venckus