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I have just finished reading the article on area law enforcement following the recent protests. It concerns me that the primary area of concern at this time is on “crowd management” training, the varying levels of equipment among departments and the costs associated with acquiring additional equipment.

The protests did not occur because of law enforcements’ inability to manage a crowd! The protests occurred because four members of the Minneapolis Police Department killed a man over an alleged counterfeit $20 bill and a very brave 17-year-old girl had the presence of mind to videotape the murder.

The protests continue because this was not an isolated incident. A young black father was shot in the back of a Wendy’s parking lot after falling asleep in his car in Atlanta. A young black woman who was an EMT was shot dead while sleeping in her own bed in Louisville. Police had the wrong apartment. These are the most recent examples and each involves those whose job is to “serve and protect." 

Is local law enforcement addressing the issues raised by the behavior of the officers? These incidents have set off an international firestorm regarding the rampant disregard for black lives by law enforcement! The solution is not more equipment or crowd management techniques or bigger budgets! Are we training our local officers to be warriors or guardians? Is our primary concern the destruction of property or the destruction of a life?

Trish Grose 



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