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Proposing to do away with Memorial Park is wrong. The park has been in existence for 60 to 70 years built by veterans and others for the people of Shakopee. Mr. Clete Link of Shakopee put in a lot of hard work, time, dedication and money to erect the helicopter exhibit. This helicopter can be seen by many people traveling on Highway 101 and should stay where it is. The Native American burial grounds are not being trampled on or destroyed by anyone.

People want to find out what the rationale for this dismantling of the park is. This is wrong and senseless. What is the benefit?

Why wasn't the meeting a public event? Seems like the city wants to do things without a lot of input from many veterans and citizens of Shakopee. Mr. Reynolds, the meeting does not need to be a "free for all" if conducted properly.

Councilwoman Jody Brennan should remember she was elected to serve the people and listen to the people. What is her anti-Shakopee rally statement about? I think it would be an anti-Master Plan rally.

Mayor Mars has lived in Shakopee for many years and has been mayor for quite a few years. I would like to see him stand up against this proposal and put and end to this foolishness. He states "change is difficult," this type of change is not needed at Memorial Park.

I would bet that the majority of the people are against this. Also, how many even know where Quarry Park is located or how to get there? Moving and replacing things are not free, they cost money. Quarry Park is in a remote area, how long before the helicopter would be vandalized?

Maybe use the money not spent on this to help fund the ice rinks.

The city council should publish its council meeting agendas in the Shakopee paper a week or two in advance so the public is made aware of what is going on at the meetings. Things should be out in the open for all to see and know about!

Dick Ries



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