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The driving habits of so many people these days makes one wonder how these individuals manage to keep a driver’s license.

In Shakopee I see people constantly tailgating and doing 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. Consider this scenario next time you are guilty of this transgression: A small child bounds out into the street but because you were traveling 10 mph over the limit, you cannot apply enough brake pressure to stop and you strike that child. Is it worth injuring pedestrians just because you are in such a hurry and need to save a few seconds? Ask yourself if your time is more important than the time allotted to others? People also need to understand that automobile insurance companies take into consideration the driver’s zip code when calculating their insurance premiums, so yes, it does behoove all individuals to drive in a safe and responsible way for the well-being of all residents of the community they are living in or traveling through.

Travel on Highway 169 (north or south) is also becoming more hazardous because of excessive speed. People will encounter signs telling them that the posted speed limit is 60-65 mph on Highway 169. I will ordinarily lock in the cruise control on my vehicle and travel at a sensible 70 mph. However, on my trips encompassing this oft used thoroughfare, I encounter people who pass me by traveling at a minimum 80 mph (or faster) with increasing regularity. First and foremost these drivers need to understand that they are not saving themselves much more than a few scant minutes on their commute to wherever they desire or need to go.

A thinking person might ask themselves if these few minutes are worth personal injury, a damaged vehicle and or raised insurance premiums? Just recently, in certain parts of both Minneapolis and St. Paul, the speed limit was reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph on city-owned streets. I personally think that this speed reduction effort would be a very good idea across the board and perhaps it is time for all governing bodies to take the necessary action.

R.T. Wruck 



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