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I was one of the 29-30 people who attended the May 10 Shakopee School District forum. I was totally shocked by the few people who attended. I have grandchildren in the schools and have always been interested in education.

The board chairman moderated and attendees had to place their questions on paper and they were read by Board Chairman Kristi Peterson, then given to answer by Superintendent Mike Redmond, or Financial Director Bill Menozzi, and Treasurer Joe Aldrich. After I had asked on something out loud I realized that was not acceptable protocol, Other people did not comment out loud.

It seemed strange, given the few people, that it was not a less formal meeting. Is this what we are to expect in future school board meetings? Freedom of speech is freedom of thought. Have we come to that in our city of Shakopee?? I understand it was a meeting to discuss a future levy referendum since the last one failed, but really, if citizens take the time to attend, shouldn't they be able to ask any question? I have never been shy about asking a question when I'm looking for an answer.

Jane DuBois