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We love Shakopee. In these challenging times, we must make our community whole by supporting the small businesses who continually give back. Local restaurants, retail stores and service businesses need our citizens’ help more than ever. Buying local means you support parents, friends and neighbors; not line the pockets of some big box executive. The only shareholders our small businesses cater to are our customers. Our business owners live here, pay taxes, buy groceries, employ our kids, fix and buy their cars here, sit on the same boards and go to the same events we do. When continually asked, local businesses step up and donate to every fundraiser and local event. Now it’s time to give back.

This holiday please recognize small businesses that are the heart and soul of our community. Thank these small businesses for their involvement and investment in our city by buying local first.

Stop in, look around, grab a bite, take dinner out and say hello or simply say thank you. Small businesses always welcome local customers. During the uncertainty of COVID, they need our support not to thrive but to survive.

Duane Wermerskirchen, Real Gem Jewelers

Billy Wermerskirchen, Bills Toggery

Bryan Turtle, Turtle's Bar and Grill

Tony Jansen, Valley Sports

Ed Schwaesdall, Pablo's Mexican Restaurant

Scott O'Brien, O'Brien's Public House