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Over the last months through the Minnesota legislative session, Rep. Brad Tabke has shown complete contempt for his constituents.

A state representative is supposed to be just that: a representative. But rather than Brad representing the views of the folks of Shakopee, he's doing just the opposite and shoving his views onto the people he is supposed to represent in St Paul.

As pointed out in another letter to the editor: "a recent poll by the Chamber of Commerce — a group he has often touts and chaired the local chamber — shows 60% of people oppose the gas tax. KARE 11 put out a poll showing a reported 73% are against the gas tax. And the Center of the American Experiment showed similar results. People don’t want this!"

Regardless of these glaring facts of what the people want, Brad still went ahead and pushed the Gas Tax. He doesn't care what people think. He is willing to push things onto the people of Shakopee and the townships showing he isn’t interested what we want.

Brad views you and I as obstacles. When you look at voters as just getting in the way as he does, it's revolting. How can someone who is supposed to represent us treat us so carelessly?

But this isn’t the first or only time Brad has done this. Shakopee voted down a Community Center expansion many times by voter referendum. However, he didn't care. Like usual, he simply went around the people as the hurdles he views us as - not caring what we thought. He crammed through the expansion pushing the largest bonding in the city's history.

When the issue of giving benefits to illegal aliens by rewarding them with driver's licenses arose, there were over 1000 comments on a Facebook thread that he took part in. Out of the nearly 300 respondents in that thread, 93% opposed this bill. But again, he dismissed the opinion of the people he represents. Even after the backlash, he repeated he will continue to push driver's licenses for illegal immigrants Shakopee Valley News reported.

Brad is about himself and doesn't care about us. He is in it for his own personal power.

I'm excited for the election next year where We The People will have a chance to send a message that we will not take it anymore. I encourage all of my neighbors to get involved and to stop Brad's assault on We The People. We need someone who cares.

Tiana Westling


South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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