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Brad Tabke is a real piece of work. We all know his reputation by now but he’s not slowing down.

He crammed through a huge spending project against the voters will in a referendum. He’s constantly trying to ram through legislation that is hugely unpopular like forcing a gas tax increase and many other things.

But now Tabke is out of control. Currently, he is hosting public meetings to try to shake the rap that he doesn’t listen to people. Because he doesn’t listen nor cares what people think. He even dismisses people’s concerns.

At one of these meetings, he flat out lied. Got busted. And lied again. He’s a train wreck.

According to an Alpha News story, "At the public meeting held at the Shakopee Library, in a bizarre twist to seemingly appeal to people, Democrat Rep. Brad Tabke made a wildly outrageous claim to attendees that he had nearly a half a million dollars spent against him in his 2018 election according to reports of the meeting.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board (CFB) produces public reports about expenditures for and against candidates. When Alpha News reviewed the CFB report – the Independent Expenditures spent ‘Against’ then-candidate Brad Tabke – it only shows a measly $13,857.79 in money spent ‘Against’ him. A far cry from his outlandish claim of nearly a half million dollars.”

Tabke proceeded to go on social media and denied he said this. He tried to explain away his lie saying he was just talking about total spending and not just spending against him.

When folks simply wanted to talk to a representative, he decided to make things up. And just like in a late night informercial – but wait, there’s more.

He then got busted again. A few days after the original article of his lie, there was a headline showing: “Despite Audio Evidence Rep. Tabke Doubles Down On False Statements.” There was actual audio of him lying at the public forum that he subsequently denied.

After getting caught completely, he tried to make amends back on social media and admitted he was wrong.

We need someone that has integrity. Not just someone who does damage control when caught. 

You and I deserve better! In 2020, we need to have someone different!

Gerald Ramsey



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