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You know what? I’m really fed up with going out and seeing so many people who straight-up refuse to wear masks. It doesn’t matter if I walk into a convenience store, the hardware store, the supermarket, a small downtown business. Adherence to a simple guideline is lackluster at best.

Yet, here I am, doing my part to stop the spread of a highly contagious virus that kills people (and causes organ damage) during a pandemic, and I’m happy to do it. But I’ve had it with the unfairness of having a bunch of lazy-minded people — who refuse to accept responsibility — benefit from my precautions, while I get exposed to their germs.

This pains me, but until there’s a vaccine or a mask mandate, I will avoid shopping in Shakopee as much as possible. For the foreseeable future, I will do busines in Edina, where there is a citywide mask rule.

You know, just taking personal responsibility and exercising my freedom to avoid infection!

Until the state makes a move, I encourage the Shakopee City Council to implement a mask mandate in all public spaces.

Jodi Rogstad 



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