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I agree with Brett Martin’s letter of support for Shakopee teachers.

They are the unfortunate victims of the failed referendum along with our students. He referenced one reason the referendum didn’t pass was due to anger and mistrust over past administrative failures. I absolutely agree and predict it will take years for the school board to rebuild this broken trust. Make no mistake, the teachers had nothing to do with the failures of our school district but they are now the administration’s scapegoat. We have already lost several talented and dedicated professionals.

My question is where are the cuts in administration? What about all the extra administrative positions added by Rod Thompson during his failed tenure? The point is that to reestablish trust our district administration needs to make cuts in the excessive number of positions as well instead of just cutting teachers. I believe the school board should commission an independent audit of the district to determine where cuts should be made to administrative positions and not just teaching positions.

At this point our school district needs to be more efficient and an independent audit would go a long way in redeveloping trust within the community. There needs to be shared sacrifice within the district and thus far I don’t believe this has happened.

Mark Lindstrom