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Shakopee needs to declare a climate emergency.

As reported by this paper, our river continues to encroach every single year — when the bridge connecting us to Chaska and Chanhassen was built, it was heralded as a bridge that would be safe from water levels. The signs that mark, where old flood levels had risen to, were meant to indicate how high the water was, and how well prepared our town was for any future event. The water rose so we went higher — we became content in the belief that we had done enough to mitigate any future damage. Now as the climate crises worsens, making wet seasons even wetter, damaging the farmland that surrounds our town, and threatening our children's future, Shakopee needs to take bold action to tackle what lies ahead.

A popular slogan among youth climate strikers is this: "The water is rising and so are we." As Shakopee faces the upcoming decades of increasingly damaging extreme weather, it can and must rise to the task at hand.

We must declare a climate emergency.

Autumn Raw 



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