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I moved here in 1979 with my family to open a retail store here in downtown Shakopee. This is my first letter to the editor in all that time. I love Shakopee! My kids grew up here. Over the years I have come to realize that the small businesses that I supported were the same people I found on the church boards, all night parties for our kids, sport teams, coaches, sport parents, bank tellers, local restaurants, the hospital staff and every day people in life.

When you buy local you don't support some big box president's bonus, you support parents that live here in our city that pay taxes here, buy groceries in our city, fix and buy their cars here, and sit on the same boards and go to the same events we do. Every time there is a fundraiser, cancer event or spaghetti diner in our town, local business are asked to step up first to donate and we do in great numbers to help our customers and non-customers.

So I ask you as I ask my family and friends to think and shop local as much as you can. Our customers are our shareholders in small business. This holiday recognize all small business on that are our soul of our community not some mall in another city or online. Please think local first for all your local needs and thank these small businesses for their involvement and investment in our city. Our kids have part time jobs here! Even if you just stop and just say thanks small business always welcome local customers.

Duane Wermerskirchen

Real Gem Jewelers, Shakopee


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