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I need to respond to two letters in the March 13 Shakopee Valley News. The first involves continued misinformation about the 2020 election. I could not believe President Biden would openly state that he approved of election fraud. It took me more time to type in the the quote listed than for the internet to show multiple fact checking sources that show he misspoke in a larger context of supporting a "fraud prevention" organization his administration supports. You can even listen to the actual interview instead of reading the nonsense being pushed by those who want to curtail people's right to vote.

If you look further you can see that the 250 Republican bills being put forward across the nation are in response to bills put in place by Republicans in the past who wanted their rural voters to be able to easily vote for them. As was states in oral arguments at the Supreme Court regarding Arizona's attempt to restrict voting rights, when Judge Amy Coney Barret asked "What's the interest" to Republicans, the attorney for the the GOP answered "because it puts us at a competitive disadvantage relative to Democrats." This is not a fraud issue, it is an issue of creating a storm over losing.

Every election commission, association and even the election unit in the Department of Homeland Security declare the 2020 election to be the most secure in American history. Any comments to the contrary are perpetuating misinformation.

A second letter continues to focus on a previous Superintendent to continue to excuse the underfunding of our school system. The people who continue to bring up Rod Thompson's crimes should have been at his hearing where the judge said he had suffered enough and didn't hold him to repaying the school. Which was not near the amount that voters took from the district by not supporting the referendum.

The schools do not get to determine how many students it serves nor how much funding it receives from the state and yet voters refused to acknowledge the needs of the students and the teachers. Mr. Thompson was not hurt by the "no" votes, but the students and community will continue to be, both in physical changes in class size and opportunities and in the belief that our community does not support them enough to fund them at the levels needed.

Teachers have not had an increase in pay and yet spend their own money to support their students as well as work overtime to meet the rapidly changing needs 2020 brought to our communities. Students struggle with the increase in class, but so do teachers who have to meet more needs in the same amount of time.

Stop holding grudges and start supporting those who do their best to live and work in Shakopee.

Debra O'Fallon