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My family moved to Shakopee from Richfield in 1952. Dad was a farmer and also a pilot for Northwest. Mother was a homemaker, and six kids attended grade school and high school in this community. It was indeed a fabulous place to grow up. Shakopee was uniquely situated within reasonable commuting distance to the Twin Cities, and at the same time very much agriculturally oriented. This made for a very pleasant cultural diversity where the city was easily accessed but at the same time the farm was just down the road. Rock solid Midwest Christian values here with an air of patriotism as well. We lived among many World War II and Korean War veterans. Soon after graduating from Shakopee Senior High, I found myself serving in the U.S. Army, and as many of my former classmates did also, a tour in Vietnam. Shortly thereafter, my young wife and I moved to Alaska to pursue our dreams. In recent years we return to visit on occasion and I scarcely recognize the place.

Things have changed quite dramatically to say the least. The community has produced a “Teacher of the Year." This commendable honor to an individual that obviously has had a very positive and profound influence on our young people.

To pursue being a teacher is a high calling and bears considerable responsibility. I know something about it having been married now 46 years to a wonderful woman that dedicated more than 30 years to that calling. Your selected “Teacher of the Year” has chosen to disrespect our flag and our national anthem. This protest alleged to “stand up for marginalized and oppressed people." I have been several hundred times around the globe as a long-haul international pilot. I have seen marginalized and oppressed people. Perhaps your teacher needs to spend a little time in places like Dhaka, Mumbai or San Paulo to get a little perspective on what marginalized and oppressed people really look like. Very poor example in my opinion for one to be mentoring our young folks.

Mike Koskovich 

Wasilla, Alaska


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