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Benedictine St. Gertrude’s would like to publicly thank the Minnesota National Guard for the support they provided to our facility through the Minnesota Hospital Decompression Program. The National Guard members became an integral part of our care team, providing our patients and residents 24-hour care seven days a week.

Gov. Tim Walz’s action plan to provide relief to hospitals overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic was a unique situation, one that required exceptional teamwork to achieve the goal. Together, we forged a partnership that allowed us to help reach that goal for Minnesota.

With National Guard members providing support, we were able to reopen two units that had been closed due to staffing shortages, thus providing area hospitals the opportunity to discharge individuals in need of post-acute care to our skilled nursing facility, freeing much-needed hospital beds for the more acutely ill.

With the support of the National Guard, we were able to serve more than 85 hospital patients to date.

The National Guard Team brought an all-hands-on-deck attitude to help during these challenging times for Minnesota hospital and skilled nursing facilities.

Thank you, Lt. Col. Brian Doughty and your guard members for your service.

Megan Diamond

Benedictine St. Gertrude’s administrator