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"These are unprecedented times." "We must flatten the curve." "Protect the community by staying in." These soundbites are just a snippet of the echochamber we hear over and over again. And none of them sound appealing. Frankly, in some ways, there is little appealing about what we face over the next few months. This situation can create much anxiety. Unless we change perspective.

Welcome to The Great Pause. I find that when I am in the middle of a frustrating task that I can't seem to get right, whether it's a house repair, a video game level, or a spousal disagreement, nothing diffuses the situation like a pause. It is a moment to stop, reflect, center, and rethink. And when I come back to the situation I was in, I find so much more success. Think of the next two months as the same. Whether it's time to reconnect yourself with your family, or binge that Netflix series you have wanted to watch but could never find the time. Take some time for self improvement in whatever way you see fit. And I know money is a challenge for many, but our communities will make sure you have food. We will make sure your roof stays intact.

The outside world will be there waiting for us after The Great Pause. But maybe, if we take this opportunity to stop, reflect, center, and rethink, we will all be better for it.

Bill Skar 



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