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Someone recently wrote we should stop bringing up Rod Thompson. He dug his own hole, I have no problem throwing dirt on the thief. We need to remember the school board tried to hide his crime by paying him off to go away. If it wasn't for this newspaper's reporters uncovering the truth, they would have gotten away with it. 

We need to remember a year before that, another school administrator ran off with school money also. Is there no audit of school spending? Why were we told before the huge high school addition that the student population was going to skyrocket? Now all we hear is the projection of dropping school enrollment. Is the high-priced firm they hired for these projections refunding their fees?

There have been hundreds of homes, apartments, condos and town homes built in the last few years and hundreds of housing units more proposed. Don't any of these people have kids? It doesn't add up to me. 

Larry Haakenstad