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In the recent aftermath of the mass shootings of El Paso and Dayton, the issue of gun reform or gun safety laws have come into the forefront of political conversations from presidential candidates, halls of Congress and talk shows.

Gun safety laws do need to be passed, but with common sense. A lot of people, especially on the progressive side of the political spectrum, believe mandatory gun back programs and loose legal definitions for gun confiscations would solve the issue of gun violence. That is not addressing the issue. The gun itself does not kill a person, the person pulling the trigger is. The gun safety laws passed should focus on the person committing the crime, not the gun being used in the crime.

I do support universal background checks that focus on mental health and previous criminal history, increasing mental health awareness and programs, etc. These policies are going to be the solutions that help decrease future mass shootings. These other ideas you hear in the media like gun buybacks or outright confiscations would only lead to only violent street gangs or criminals obtaining them illegally and using them on law-abiding citizens. I say let’s have a conversation on gun safety laws, but not lose our heads and not lose the principles that founded our republic.

Josh D. Ondich

Prior Lake



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