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An old saying from Poor Richard’s Almanac says, “If you sleep with dogs, you will get fleas," meaning that if you associate with people having bad ideas, it will soon contaminate your own way of thinking. Unfortunately, this appears to have happened to Brad Tabke. As Shakopee mayor, he did a good job bringing business to Shakopee, but the longer and deeper that he associates with the Democratic Party, the farther he departs from common sense and Minnesota values. Tabke failed to condemn John Thompson (a fellow Democrat) for his hate speech, as reported in the Valley News Sept. 19 issue. This act of putting party over principle cost Tabke the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association endorsement. Unfortunately, it seems the higher one rises in Democratic Party politics, the more extreme and out of touch their positions become.

I grew up in a Democratic Party oriented family, and after attending my first caucus, I realized that the values espoused by that today's party no longer matched mine of faith, family, and love of country. Like Ronald Raegan, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me. We see even today that likely Supreme Court nominees are attacked by Democratic politicians for being too Christian or too Catholic. I’m sure Brad Tabke started his public life in a good direction, but his radical, extremist associates have contaminated his thinking.

Joseph E. Schiller



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