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I want to get out in the open what is happening in our local politics, and explain why it is important to not only pay attention but get some level of involvement. I decided to put the time into becoming a delegate this past winter on the GOP side. I wanted to learn how the process works and find out why it is so hard to get things done.

I cannot believe what I witnessed. Elected delegates met at the VFW to decide who the Republican Party should endorse. The event was much smaller than I expected, and I soon realized why. The local party leadership makes it so hard for people to get involved. 

Both Bob Loonan and Erik Mortensen addressed the group. Erik Mortensen knew so little about the problems that need to be solved it was somewhat confusing. He relied on personal attacks and catch phrases to make his points. I researched him and he has little or no experience in public service. It showed. 

Bob Loonan not only articulated some major issues, but laid out methods to improve these areas. What I was seeing was experience. He has spent the time on school boards, committees and in the Legislature.

I will be voting for Bob Loonan. If you do your research, you will too.

Judy Kohrt



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