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I recognize many are unhappy with the job Brad Tabke has done as our representative by consistently putting the big city liberal agenda ahead of the actual needs of our own local community.

Before we can vote Brad Tabke out of office, Republican voters must first decide who his challenger will be in November. To me, and many others who are paying attention, the choice is clear that on Aug. 11 we need to vote for Bob Loonan in the primary election.

In 2018, I supported Erik Mortensen both before and after the primary. Mortensen ultimately lost to Tabke, and as I watched the election unfold, I realized he was not the candidate I initially thought.

How did we get to this?

The 55A endorsing convention answered that question.

I attended the endorsing convention as a delegate intending to learn about the candidates and cast an informed vote. Many delegates already had their minds made up. Anyone paying attention with an open mind saw Loonan was the clear choice. Mortensen revealed an obvious lack of understanding about issues or direction regarding his platform. His speeches to the delegates were filled with buzzwords such as “freedom” and “liberty” without demonstrating actual knowledge about the issues facing our community and our state and certainly without providing any ideas to address those issues. Conversely, Loonan’s speeches articulated the concerns facing our community and his ideas on how we fix them. Whereas Mortensen was quick to point out problems, Loonan actually brought solutions.

I don’t take my right to vote lightly and neither should you. I believe people want to elect someone who can reasonably discuss issues and accept input, and then form a plan that has the best chance to work. That candidate is Bob Loonan. He has an actual track record of getting things done and is willing to work with people of diverse ideological backgrounds in order to achieve results.

Do your research; review candidate Facebook pages and websites. Call and ask them questions. I have, and I will be voting for Bob Loonan on Aug. 11. He is the best candidate to beat Brad Tabke in November, and more importantly, he is the right candidate to represent our community in St. Paul. He has often been able to work comfortably across party lines and has received respect from both sides…As it should be.

Chuck Doherty



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