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We know Bob Loonan to be a man of integrity who will always work for the benefit of those he represents. He is effective, knowledgeable and hard-working, and we feel he is an excellent Republican candidate for state representative of District 55A. Bob has chosen to run a positive, truthful campaign with focus on his continuing objectives and his accomplishments while effectively serving as our district representative in the past. He is running on a solid conservative platform with well thought out goals including reducing spending, protection of life, and protecting the Second Amendment along with further conservative values that he will work to accomplish as our representative. In these turbulent days we especially need Bob's consistent, strong approach to representing what is important to his constituents.

Primary elections will be held Aug. 11. You may also vote early by absentee ballet or in person if you choose. We need a strong Republican candidate in the coming November election and encourage you to cast your vote in the primary to make Bob Loonan that candidate for state representative.

Bev and Roy Ohlmann



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