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I am certain that Rep. Brad Tabke is a great dad, a wonderful husband, and a supportive friend.

That said, Rep. Tabke is not a faithful representative — he does not deserve to be re-elected to represent 55A. Mr. Tabke tweets — but he does not listen or lead. When it really matters, he refuses to do the heavy lifting of his job.

Two years ago Mr. Tabke was elected to represent 55A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. For the last seven months, almost half of his two-year term, Mr. Tabke has essentially torn up his election certificate, abdicated his responsibilities, and handed his job over to Gov Walz. Mr. Tabke has willingly and enthusiastically voted five times to grant Gov. Walz his one-man rule emergency executive power.

Even though emergency powers in Minnesota are meant to provide short-term leadership until the Legislature can safely meet to perform their elected duties, Mr. Tabke seems comfortable continuing to allow Gov. Walz to decide, legislate, and spend as a single voice. The additional frustration to me is that Rep. Tabke has made this choice repeatedly while collecting his full paycheck and expense reimbursements.

For those of us still blessed to have work during Gov. Walz’s capricious shutdown orders, we understand that we don’t have the luxury of getting paid for refusing to do our jobs.

When it truly mattered and when his constituents repeatedly reached out to him, Brad Tabke did not fight to open our business, he did not fight to get our schools open or sports started, and he didn’t fight to protect our constitutional right to worship together, to bury our loved ones together, or to safely be with family members suffering loneliness in long-term care facilities.

He did tweet a lot. You can follow him on Twitter. But he never once proactively advocated or demanded the above efforts — when we asked, he stayed silent — commenting only after Gov. Walz decided to “turn his dials,” moderate mandates, and slowly drip our freedoms back to us.

If I sound disillusioned, I am. In our most dire moments, when we desperately wanted our voices heard, Brad took a hard pass. He was more interested in aligning himself with Gov. Walz’s one-man rule than in representing us in a realistic and balanced approach, for our common-sense needs and constitutionally protected rights.

He had his opportunity to show us true representation and leadership — he failed. He doesn’t deserve our vote any more than he deserves a full taxpayer-funded paycheck.

Pam Peterson