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I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing Trump signs make my blood pressure raise as if the house displaying it contained my enemy. I’m also tired of being told that I am an enemy of the country because I choose to support a different political party. The truth is, whether we live on the same street, the same block, or the same county, we are all Americans. The beauty of this country is that we all can carry different beliefs, and as long as those beliefs do not infringe on others, we can stay true to those beliefs without persecution. With that freedom comes the responsibility to remember that under all of our disagreements, we share the responsibilities and privileges of being Americans. And of the candidates that are running to represent Shakopee in the MN House, it is Brad Tabke that takes this responsibility most seriously.

Brad is a man willing to have a conversation and listen to anyone in town regardless of their political persuasion. He will do so with respect and kindness, and although you may not agree with everything he believes, he will listen to you and work to find comprise. During this pandemic, Brad has utilized his relationship with Governor Walz to push for safe openings of Shakopee businesses, even when some people in his own party have disagreed with this. He has also used his time in office to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans in many areas so that he may strengthen the Shakopee community. Brad Tabke has been a bipartisan asset to the community. Right now, more than ever, we need leaders who are going to bring us together, work for the common good, and be stronger at making legislation than headlines. Please consider voting for Brad and keeping Shakopee a community that prides itself on neighborhood over negativity.

William Skar 



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