125 Years Ago

From the Oct. 4, 1894 Scott County Argus

Mrs. C. F. Cook has removed her confectionery store to the Conter Hotel building.

100 Years Ago

From the Oct. 3, 1919 Shakopee Tribune

Ed Schesso has bought the lots at the southeast corner of Second and Lewis streets from Otto Spielman and will immediately commence the erection of a modern garage. The building will be of cement block construction, 50 feed by 90 feet, fronting on both streets, and will be modern in every particular. Charles Casselius has the contract for the job, and has already begun the clearing of the lot. The contract calls for the completion of the building by Jan. 1.

Mr. Schesso has been greatly handicapped in his business by his present cramped quarters, and with the new, commodious building he expects to have adequate facilities for pushing the sale of Chevrolet cars as well as conducting a general auto repair and supply business. His location should prove a good one, and certainly the appearance of the corner will be vastly improved by the erection of this building.

100 Years Ago

From the Oct. 3, 1919 Scott County Argus

Leonard Chadwell and family, formerly of New Market, moved into the Jos. Ries residence opposite St. Mark’s school Tuesday to make Shakopee their permanent home.

75 Years Ago

From the Sept. 28, 1944 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Mrs. Frank Hirscher suffered painful burns and cuts when a fruit jar exploded while she was canning, late Tuesday afternoon. The jar had been left on the oven to cool while Mrs. Hirscher stepped into another room. Upon returning to the kitchen and nearing the stove, the jar suddenly exploded, throwing the hot syrup, fruit and splintered glass over her. She sustained burns and cuts on her face, chest and arms. Contents of the jar were also thrown about the kitchen where furniture and walls were covered with the sticky substance.

50 Years Ago

From the Oct. 2, 1969 Shakopee Valley News

Approximately 100 young students from all Shakopee schools took part in the beginning instrumental program, according to Thomas Root, instrumental director for the junior high and elementary grades, the largest beginning group in Shakopee’s history.

25 Years Ago

From the Sept. 29, 1994 Shakopee Valley News

Enrollment in the Shakopee School District hasn’t increased as much as originally projected.

Overall, the district has gained 13 students. There are 2,918 students enrolled in grades kindergarten through 12. That equals nearly 3,300 pupil units, a formula that the state uses to determine how much aid a district receives.

Those 13 students amount to a half-percent increase. But, Ostlund said, estimates are that the district enrollment is going to grow anywhere from 3 to 5 percent.

Enrollment at each of the buildings: Pearson, 555; Sweeney, 591; Central, 449; junior high, 703; high school, 620.

Overall, the largest grade is ninth, with 259 students, followed by first grade, with 252 students. The smallest grade is 12th, with 193 students. The next smallest is 11th grade, with 204 students.

Ostlund said he felt the half-percent increase is an aberration. He said that enrollment figures were still a little volatile in September, but that they would firm up in October.

Compiled by Wes Reinke and the Shakopee Heritage Society. Interested in Shakopee history? Visit the Shakopee Heritage Society website at shakopeeheritage.org.


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