Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee

The Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee.

Daniel Boegeman, who was fired this past spring 2019 from his 21-year stint as a corrections officer at the Shakopee Correctional Facility for allegedly bribing one inmate to assault another, returned to his post Jan. 18 following a union appeal that ruled the allegations did not have enough grounds for termination.

Boegeman was fired last year, along with three other officers, amid a private investigation into an alleged sexual misconduct between an inmate and former officer Jeffrey Clair Anderson, who has since been charged in Scott County District Court with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The private investigation that led to Boegeman’s termination ruled that Boegeman bribed an inmate to physically assault Anderson’s accuser. But a union appeal recently reversed that decision.

Each prison within the Department of Corrections is part of its own local union with the power to file an arbitration, or an appeal, if it wants to challenge a DOC personnel decision. An arbitrator’s ruling is the final decision, even if it’s contrary to the DOC’s stance. In this case, the DOC fired Boegeman, but the arbitrator’s ruling reversed that decision.

“I am disappointed by the arbitrator’s ruling because we believe the action we took was warranted based on everything we learned during the investigation,” DOC Commissioner Paul Schnell said in a statement. “But ultimately we respect the decision and the arbitration process. We are doing everything we can to supervise and manage the situation.”

According to the arbitration documents, an inmate claimed Boegeman bribed her into assaulting the inmate who had been sexually involved with Anderson. After the inmate allegedly assaulted the other inmate, she claimed Boegeman laughed and asked her if she wanted noodles or hot Cheetos as payment for the assault.

The documents state that Tracy Beltz, Warden of the Shakopee facility, found the bribery claims justifiable for removal, and she testified that Boegeman’s behavior was among the most severe in her memory.

The arbitration documents, however, ruled there was not enough evidence to support the bribery claim. It also states that Boegeman would have had no motive for initiating a “hit” against Anderson’s accuser, since Boegeman and Anderson were not friends.

Boegeman was also flagged for giving the middle finger to an investigator who was teaching a class at the prison. The arbitrator ruled the gesture was inappropriate, but not conduct that warranted being fired.

The inmate who accused Anderson of sexual misconduct also told investigators that officers tried to keep her quiet about her alleged sexual relationship with the officer. She told investigators the officers shot rubber bands at her, placed tape on her mouth for an identification badge photo and arranged to revoke her privileges.

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