Police lights

Southbridge Liquor was burglarized Monday morning around 1:15 a.m. after three people broke through the store’s front door and office door, stole a safe, and escaped from the back door in less than 90 seconds, according to store owner Michael Wilkie.

According to Wilkie and the store’s nine security cameras, all the suspects were wearing dark sweats with hoodies, face masks and gloves.

The Southbridge Liquor’s Facebook account adds there was also a “segment of video from a week earlier on Sunday where clearly one of (the suspects) was casing the store to build a plan. We saw this guy’s face. Make it easy on yourself and turn yourself in. You turned my business upside down today and violated my space.”

Wilkie said the front door and office door of the store on Old Carriage Road were destroyed. He declined to comment on the amount of money stolen within the safe.

Capt. Craig Robson with the Shakopee Police Department said there are three suspects and there could be more.


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