The Suburban restaurant in Excelsior never expected to be in the business of babies, but a special spicy burger has purportedly sent two women into labor unexpectedly and brought two babies into the world.

It all started when Cindy Berset and her two daughters, Ashley Berset and Kelsey Quarberg, all co-owners of the restaurant The Suburban, were trying to decide which burger to enter into the 2019 Twin Cities Burger Battle.

Kelsey was hungry and decided to eat an entire burger, one of the spicier ones they’d cooked up for the taste test. She went home that evening and unexpectedly went into labor around midnight — eight days shy of her due date.

She gave birth to Samuel Quarberg on April 10, 2019.

That gave Cindy an idea. The spicy burger, which was the last thing Kelsey ate before going into labor, she’d name The Labor Inducer. Cindy and her daughters entered the burger into the 2019 Twin Cities Burger Battle in May and walked away with third place. The restaurant took home first place in 2018.

Baby No. 2

Zachary and Katy Engler went out to dinner on the night of Katy’s due date. Long-time Chanhassen residents, they’d never been to the Suburban but they thought they’d give it a try.

The featured burger of the month was The Labor Inducer. Zachary and Katy thought why not give it a try — either way, it would be a fun story.

Later that evening around midnight, Katy went into labor and the couple rushed to the hospital.

Elise Engler was born on July 14, 2019.

Zachary told Southwest News Media they never expected the burger to work, but he recommends others around their due date give it a try.

“As long as you keep an open mind, it’s more about the fun and experience,” Zachary said, recommending couples make a date night out of it before they welcome another member to their family.

The Suburban

The Suburban, at 342 Third St., has been open in Excelsior for about five years, according to Cindy. It is a sports bar with a family-friendly feel, serving burgers, sandwiches, pizza, beer and more.

The Labor Inducer is not the only specialty burger on the menu, according to Cindy. The restaurant also has a Meat Your Maker burger, which along with a burger patty has a hot dog, bacon, cheese, jalapenos, tater tots and harissa mayo.

“It is a giant burger, we made it as a joke, I didn’t think anyone would order it,” Cindy said about the burger. “It’s really popular, people really love it.”

The Suburban has seen some more pregnant women come in and try The Labor Inducer, but as far as they know, no one else has had success, Cindy said.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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