Shakopee Rotary Club

The Shakopee Rotary Club is giving out $27,000 in scholarships to students of Shakopee High School’s Class of 2022.

Academic scholarships were given to students with the top three final GPAs. Each student will be given a total of $3,000, paid in $1,000 increments after their first, second and third years of post-secondary school.

Need-based scholarships called “Make a Difference” were provided to four students. A total of $2,000 will be paid in $1,000 increments at the registration of their first and second years of post-secondary school.

Another 10 scholarships, meanwhile, were given to students who participated in the STRIVE program in high school. STRIVE -- standing for “Students taking a renewed interest in the value of education” -- is a program helping students struggling with grades or deciding what they’d like to pursue for a career/education.

Students who participated in the program and improved their GPA qualified for the scholarship. The 10 winners each received a $1,000 scholarship. Those who attend Normandale Community College or Hennepin Technical College will receive a matching scholarship.

The STRIVE scholarships were awarded to the following students:

  • Emma Sinnen
  • Kadija Ali
  • Ridwan Abdirahman
  • Abigail Boateng
  • Jaxson Brier
  • Caleb Erickson
  • Avelina Khadzhi
  • Kifah Mursal
  • Aderi Okumu
  • Tony Truong