Q: Why is the newspaper offered for “free,” and why does it cost money to view the content online?

Answer: It takes significant resources to produce 24/7 community news.

The content we produce for our communities needs to be paid for by subscriptions or advertising. We are a for-profit Minnesota family owned company, and the company is not subsidized by taxes or any outside organizations. Without the support of our readers and advertisers -- we cannot exist.

The internet has significantly changed the landscape economics of newspaper revenue.

Prior to the internet, for the industry, newspaper advertising revenue used to be 4x larger than subscription revenue

Where did that advertising revenue go? To name a few places -- that revenue and “ad content” decreased due to competition from paid and free sites like craigslist, Monster.com, AutoTrader.com, Fandango, Facebook, and more recently sites like Nextdoor.com.

That loss of revenue needs to be supported by an increase in subscription revenue (paid or voluntary!).

Our print advertisers also value the strong readership of our weekly free community newspapers, and we could not maintain our high print circulation without it being free. Even though the paper is “free” to our communities, it does come at a significant cost for SWNewsMedia.

  • Printing and sending a newspaper to over 50,000 homes
  • Maintaining a professional website and delivering our content digitally through email and social media.
  • Adequately staffing our newsroom and paying our supporting team members!

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